Outreach Services

Outreach Services

As a community-focused hospital system, we want to be there in your time of need – and in the places you need us to be. Please take a moment to explore some of our ongoing services, support groups and screenings.

Addiction services:

The Addiction Institute of New York provides a range of addiction treatment programs coupled with excellence in treatment.
Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program is a proven tool that helps rehabilitate opioid-addicted individuals.
Women’s Health Project helps women who are suffering from trauma and addiction by providing various counseling services and therapies.

Children and young adults:

Roosevelt Hospital Children’s Center is devoted to providing families with immediate support while responding to their needs.
Student Health Services Network provides immediate services to college students and young adults with no hassle.
NiteStar is a unique program designed to help youth through the numerous challenges of growing up.


Karpas Health Information Center is committed to providing New Yorkers dependable and comprehensible health information.

Financial assistance:

The Hospitals of Continuum Health Partners offer financial assistance to help patients pay for their medical needs.

Psychiatric disorders and evaluations:

Emergency psychiatric evaluations provide immediate treatment to those in crisis.
The Family Center for Bipolar teaches you about this chronic, lifelong illness, and how to get the support you need.

Support Groups

Grieving Center is a web-based television challenge dedicated to those who have lost loved ones.
Smoking Cessation helps nicotine-dependent individuals through the STOP! Program.
St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Crime Victims Treatment Center is a hospital-based treatment center for survivors of violent crimes.

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