One-fourth of women who have been treated for breast cancer will get lymphedema. Learn about surgical treatment options. Continued
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Nutrition during cancer treatment is very important. These tips will help cancer patients get the nutrients they need. Continued
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When Susan found skin cancer on her nose, her doctor used a surgical technique that left minimal scarring. Continued
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Cancer patients can address primary and secondary side effects of cancer treatments with integrative medicine, including acupuncture... Continued
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The great outdoors and fresh air don’t charge membership fees, so use springtime’s mild temperatures as an excuse to step outside... Continued
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At-home prevention and treatment might be all you need to deal with some common aches and pains. Continued
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Understanding what addiction is and how it works are the first steps toward helping your loved one. Continued
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Learn about the five most common skin conditions seen by dermatologists — and how they are treated. Continued
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The severity and urgency of symptoms will help you choose the right medical care for your illness or injury. Continued
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How you can prepare and what you can expect during a wellness exam with your primary care doctor. Continued
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