Irish Brown Bread
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this easy, healthier version of the traditional brown bread recipe.
Berry-Topped Pudding Pie
Use any fresh berry or fruit in this tasty dessert that features heart-healthy berries and nuts.
Multi-layered Mexican Dip
Fresh vegetables and delicious spices combine with refried beans, lime juice and cheese to make this winning and filling dip.
Green Smoothie
A smoothie made with fresh fruit, veggies and water makes a great breakfast or snack on the run. Adding greens like spinach is a great way...
Thai Salad
This tasty spinach and bulgur salad — containing peanut butter, which has magnesium for bone strength and B6 for an immune boost — makes a...
This colorful dish featuring black beans, bell peppers and ham makes a satisfying lunch or a popular contribution to a potluck.
Cut back on the sodium and ramp up the fresh tomato flavor with this easy homemade tomato soup.
Get all the flavor of Buffalo chicken wings, but none of the fat, in this healthy, low-calorie salad.
If you’re sensitive to gluten or just want to try something new, make this low-calorie, gluten-free cake.
Steamed broccoli and cauliflower tossed in a lemon dressing make this a great side dish.