Scan that identifies calcium plaque buildup in the heart helps to greater predict heart disease. Continue
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Vegetable Chili

23 Oct 2012
Who said you need meat to round out chili? Seasonal vegetables make this chili high in fiber and flavor without added fat. Continue
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This common bone disease weakens bone structure and increases your risk for fracture. Read how to keep your bones strong and healthy. Continue
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Banana Yogurt Shake

1 Mar 2012
This healthy shake could help you trim your waistline. Have it for breakfast, a snack, or as a substitute for something less healthy... Continue
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Calcium is the nutrient largely equated with bone health, but other important nutrients like vitamin D can be just as important.... Continue
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Winter Fruit Salad

27 Oct 2011
Get a jump start on meeting your calcium and iron needs for the day with this winter-inspired fruit salad. Continue
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